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Carole Beauvais
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Acquiring art is often intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. My paintings, inspired by the creative freedom of Impressionism, are meant to create a comforting, stimulating environment. Thanks to the colorful compositions these pieces can complexly change a space, and fill a cold room with warmth and life. And there is nothing better than a piece of art to decorate our home with good taste.

In relation to the tendency to accumulate works of art, without any connection, the ideal when starting to buy art is to choose one that awakens some emotion or has some special meaning for those who live in that home. Otherwise, the work will end up being just another decorative element. So today, when we seem to spend more time than ever in our homes, why not take care of them to the maximum detail? What if we did it through art?

To each work of art there is a person and in each person a feeling. And the fact is that art moves us, transports us, links us to the past, sometimes to the present and above all, reveals to us, through its brushstrokes, the importance of creating a personal universe in the home. The paintings for sale are not only a good way to redecorate our home, but also to take care of ourselves. You will be able to select more classic genres such as nude or abstract works.

Online art buying is booming, and it makes this process much easier by making it more accessible for all of us to collect, support artists, and beautify our homes in a viable way. So, today I’ll give you some tips on how to buy art online if you’re a beginner, or feeling indecisive.  Here are some of the things you need before buying artwork online.

• Take the measurements of the artwork

Before purchasing any piece of art consider where you plan to place it. Measure the wall of your apartment, and the space you plan to designate for the painting or for the display shelf where you want to place it. Before you place your order, you can cut a sheet of paper to the exact size of the piece you are interested in, and paste it in the desired location.  This will give you a good idea of what size is appropriate. Anyway, you can check the image gallery where you can discover the decoration projects, and how the paintings look like in real spaces.

If you don’t make sure of the size beforehand, you could face the problem of having a painting that is too big for a small space or vice versa. Although it is advisable to play it safe and buy works that fit the space you have available, a large painting for example can also give a lot of interest in a small space: it can be the “excessive” and bohemian touch in a minimal room. Large formats also tend to bring a lot of strength and personality and avoid combinations of several pieces that often overshadow each other.

Interior decoration is a true art, not something to be taken lightly. Art is what helps define the personality of the homeowner and their space. It is helpful in bringing certain pieces together and creating character in a home. Dare to experiment, and play with the size of the artwork to place it in staircases, hallways, offices, or entryways.

• Choose the ideal place

Each artwork has its own unique space. It is time to look for that special corner, which seems to be tailored to its dimensions and its form of expression. Open the doors of your home and let it ‘speak’. Visit all the nooks and crannies of your home, even the passageways, especially the hallways, where they are able to make them visible. You can choose works to separate environments within the same space, the living room from the dining room, for example, or to highlight an area or a wall, the headboard in the bedroom, or the living room above the sofas.

Think about functionality. Take care of your space, adapt your home to your daily life. There are certain spaces in the home that are not suitable for placing fragile works, including the kitchen or bathroom. The main thing is comfort, so try to acquire works that give you serenity and complement your decor.

The important thing is to give each piece the prominence it deserves, therefore, look for a place where it can express itself in all its essence. A work of art can dress any space in the house, from an area of the passage in which you get to make it visible, to the kitchen and bathroom, but always safe from damage to separate environments such as the living room to the dining room. It can even highlight an area or wall such as the headboard in a bedroom or the living room over the sofas, the fireplace, or the main furniture.

• Alone or accompanied?

How will your artwork interact with the space? This is an important question to ask yourself before buying artwork online. Thinking about this can help you make your final decision. Both colors and size will also depend on whether the artwork will be placed alone, and needs nothing else to shine. While in the company of other works it gains strength if a harmonious whole is created. The main thing is that the pieces and the space in which they are placed feel comfortable together, creating a balanced whole with no discordant elements. This brings us to the next tip.

• Harmonious compositions

Together, the works of art can give much play and open a world of sensations, which hardly (only the great works can achieve it) can offer alone. The union is strength, decoratively speaking, as long as you find the ideal key and achieve balance. There are many possible compositions: in rows, mixing sizes, in triptychs, etc. Find yours, but if you have doubts, make a simulation to see how the whole will look like.  Make the most of your future work by establishing a direct relationship with the fabrics, textures, and surrounding materials.

• Chromatic palette

Color is of great importance when designing a house with art. You can play with the tones of the artwork and use them on the walls or in the complements of the room, achieving perfect visual harmony. Or rather, you can choose a work whose colors are related by contrast, so that it stands out above the rest of the decoration, placing it in the visual foreground.

One way to harmonize environments is to select some of the tones of a painting to distribute subtle brushstrokes of the same colors in different elements of the decor as cushions, frames, vases with flowers, lamps, etc. Bold colors with high saturation, similar to pop art, are a perfect choice for different environments: they enhance a modern decor. If this is what you are looking for, you will probably be interested in the series of abstract paintings available on the website.

• Lighting and height

Undoubtedly, the lighting project is one of the key aspects of interior decoration, as it achieves spaces to enjoy at different times of the day. When it comes to correctly illuminating a work of art, avoiding reflections is the first priority. With this in mind, make sure you have the necessary lighting that the painting you are going to buy requires. Lighting is a fundamental technical requirement for the artwork to achieve its greatest potential, and you can finally achieve that special atmosphere you are looking for. As a general rule, use a neutral and powerful light, which allows you to enjoy the art piece in all its amplitude.

Another technical aspect, closely related to lighting, is the height at which your artwork should be placed. Make sure you have adequate space for the painting you wish to purchase. Generally, the ideal height should be at eye level. However, it varies depending on the size of the painting, the room in which it is placed, and the effect you want to achieve. If it is very large, it should be placed at a lower height. If it is placed in the dining room, it should ideally be at the height of the table. And if it is a set of works, it is advisable to place the main one at eye level and continue with the rest to the sides and then up and down, combining shapes so that the final result is not a rectangle.

• Follow your instinct

At the end of the day place the artwork in the place that motivates you to see it every day, the most important thing is that you always feel a connection with it. Over time, don’t hesitate to move the artwork, it will change your space and create a different vibe. Whatever your decision is, the works of art that you will take with you are marked by an extreme sensitivity that will not only be a simple decorative element but will give personality and feeling to your room.

If you are thinking of acquiring a painting, I assure you that art will awaken your imagination, creativity, and will create a unique and cozy atmosphere that will allow you to find yourself.

Good luck!


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