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Flo Bueno

Architect/Art Lover

I knew my love for art will ultimately lead me to discover exceptional artists and contribute to their growth and expansion. This event is one of what I intend to be a series of shows to honor and promote emerging artists’ talent, style, and honest expression.
I have lived and worked all over the world, seen many works of art, and met amazing artists along the way and it took meeting Carole Beauvais, a French Canadian contemporary artist, to get this beautiful journey started.
Carole Beauvais is a true contemporary artist whose ability to play, create and innovate brings modern masterpieces. She has an extraordinary skill in creating a perfect balance using a variety of colors, forms, lines, shapes, spaces, textures, and subjects. The dynamic composition of her artwork will naturally make you feel an energetic vibration very few artists can ever accomplish.
I am very fortunate to share her fine art collection with you and hope you have the same appreciation for her remarkable work.


If interested in any of the artwork curated by Flo Bueno please contact him directly.