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Commissioning to Express Yourself

Whether you need a drawing, mix-media or acrylic on canvas painting in Montreal, whether you are looking to get a price of acrylic painting in Los Angeles or feel like buying artwork in Montreal, you can get it all. From abstract paintings to landscapes in acrylic, and from still lives to thematic artwork, I can provide artwork that will be the true expression of your personality.

Create Your Custom Art

Searching for a painting in a specific size or looking for a unique custom commissioned painting or drawing? Let me provide you with a unique artwork specifically created for you.

I love doing commissions. Having a piece of artwork commissioned can be a rewarding source of joy for art lovers. But for first-time clients, the process can be full of questions. How much will it cost? How long will it take? How much say will I have in the final product?

Though each artist’s method is different, here is mine: FAQ


How do I initiate a request for a commissioned artwork?

Commissioned artwork is a dedicated process, and the first step is to confirm that I am currently accepting commissions. Send in your query, and I shall respond within 48 hours. Please note that due to popular demand, sometimes I am unable to obtain additional commissions. You can, however, be put on a schedule.


Please contact me to check the status of commission acceptances.

What is the process for ordering a commission?

Once your commission request is accepted, we shall discuss in detail the kind of work you are looking for and what I can do.


a) You present the idea of the kind of painting or a specific style you are looking for, based on my displayed works. You can send me photos of the pieces that are close to your idea.


b) Next, you decide on the size, giving me clear dimensions


c) Based on the canvas size and painting style, and medium, I shall get back to you with the quote.


d) You will receive an invoice for the cost of the artwork and shipping.


e) A non-refundable deposit of 50% is then required to begin the painting process.

What is the process for creating a commissioned work?

Once you have ordered a commission and made a deposit, the work on your painting shall begin. I will also specify a timeframe for the completion of work and an estimated date of delivery.


a) If I don’t have the size you have requested in stock, I will order the size you have selected,

which can take up to 2 weeks since they are custom stretched.


b) Once the canvas arrives, I begin to work on the painting!


c) I will send you photos of the paintings once I get to the end of the work.


d) You provide me with feedback (i.e., would like to see more of something, less of something else).


e) If required, I will make the necessary changes and send you photos once again.


f) Once you are happy with the result, you send the remaining balance due on your invoice.


g) We pack and ship the painting to you!

How long does a commissioned painting take to complete?

Tricky question. Several factors contribute to creating a timeline for your commissioned artwork.


First of all, it depends on my schedule at the time of the order and how soon I can begin the work.


It depends on how large the commissioned piece is and how many iterations the commissioned artwork requires.


Basically, it is on a case-by-case basis, but you can generally expect anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks to receive your artwork.

What if I don't like the final product?

The most important part of my work is to inspire my clients. I work hard to engage with you. I invest time and effort to understand exactly what you envision and listen to. Our communication lines will always be open, and you will be apprised of your artwork’s progress every step of the way.


But then, it is art. It’s not science with set formulae, so it is a possibility that a commissioned artwork does not match up to the collector’s vision. If this happens, you will be compensated with 30% of the total invoice (50% of the initial deposit) = to purchase any other painting available on my website.

Do you accept the Payment Plan?

Yes, I do. I can work with you to create a monthly installment plan. Setting up a payment plan is simply building the installment schedule.

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