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Acquiring art is often intimidating, but it shouldn't be. My paintings, inspired by the creative freedom of Impressionism, are meant to create a comforting, stimulating environment. Thanks to the colorful compositions these pieces can complexly change a space, and fill a cold room with warmth and life. And there is nothing better than a piece of art to decorate our home with good taste. In relation to the tendency to accumulate works of art, without any connection, the ideal when starting to buy art is to choose one that awakens some

I have been quiet, as so much is going on. I have been working hard to move my artwork online. As many already know, my mom has been battling rectal cancer, and she just had her surgery. Without going into details about my mom’s cancer battle, she had a five-hour and thirty-minute long surgery and stayed at the hospital for 11 days.I took care of her, and we are lucky that she lives across from the hospital so I could go there three times a day to support her. Due


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