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My name is Carole.
Nice to meet You.

My Story

I endorse vibrations, feelings, energies.

I was born in a dead quiet world – no voices, no whispers, no cries, and no laughter, just a surprisingly high innate sensitivity to feelings and energies.

But my musician father didn’t give up. He played me music every day. The vibration of music had a big impact on me. When I grew up a little, I studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Even today, I feel my music more than I listen to it. I hear through vibrations, not words or specific notes.

As I developed a love for painting, it became superimposed on my ability to read piano notes. I started painting with the concept of always having two different melodies going together.

Coming of age

I was in high school when we lost our father. I felt responsible for my sisters but worked hard in school. I kept myself busy participating in a variety of school programs. The community noticed my artistic talent, and my career took off at age 16 with three commissions, something that helped my family enormously.

Lasting Impressions

My work is largely influenced by Impressionism. I feel drawn to the pureness of colours, texture, and emotions.

I was no more than 18 when I first visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal to see a Van Gogh Special Feature Exhibition. And this wonderful exhibition changed my outlook on life. I was standing agape in front of a majestic canvas, and my eyes welled up. I could feel the energy; I could hear the strokes and the movement of vibrations and textures.

This was the most heartfelt experience of my life.

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