I am always so grateful, when I get a testimonial.



Louis LeMesurier Testimonial -Carole Beauvais

“Carole’s art forms the focal point of my project studio.  It draws your attention during recording, mixing and mastering, and it allows the subconscious mind to wander while staying energized.  I find myself lost in colours and shapes while listening for the tiniest sonic details in the music.  Plus, the number of compliments I’ve received is just insane!”

-Louis LeMesurier, Canadian-American composer, pianist, and poet.


Carole Beauvais paintings are very expressive and bring positive energy.  I connect with her style, and admire her unique composition and technique. Seeing and/or being in the presence of her artwork gives me a feeling of joy and freedom. The colours she uses are striking yet she creates balance in every picture that she creates.

-Floreal Bueno, Architect | Director of Construction Universal Studios



“When feeling low or discourage, Carole Beauvais paintings help me.  I sit in my living room and I stare at them.

-Vicky Bourdakos, Chief Operating Officer, Au Vieux Duluth




“What An Amazing Art Work.  Carole Beauvais your gift ….is remarkable.  You were able to CAPTURE Danielle and what she stands for all from talking to others and a photo.”

"We can’t stop looking at this amazing art work.  We can feel the love and passion you put into it.  THANK YOU, we have never seen anything like this.”


-James Adlam, ACN SVP COC, Entrepreneur





 “Carole is an incredible artist who puts her heart and passion into her work.  We couldn’t possibly have had the final piece without Carole and her phenomenal talent! It was an incredible privilege to get the opportunity to work with her!”

-Keri Tartaglia, Entrepreneur. 


“When I think of all the things that Ms Adlam has done for Team Revolution Inc and myself, I wanted to make sure that I was able to do something extremely special for her.  

Working with Carole Beauvais to create an artwork was priceless”

Brandi Spencer, Entrepreneur


Carole’s work is always inspiring and fresh. I see a new beginning or a previously missed connection every time I relax and enjoy the works we have.

-AnaTracy Hawkins, VP CNY Group


“I Am Here” art by Carole Beauvais has found a new permanent place to stay-my home.  It is to be loved, protected, cherished and appreciated by myself and my loved ones.  I can see my nieces, nephews and young “once” gravitating to it for a selfie or two.  While this piece of art is vibrant, celebratory and playful, it paradoxically brings me structure, peace and serene happiness.  It is a state of mind and body where I strive to be.  “I Am Here” is now “Here I Am”.  Thank you Carole Beauvais for bringing this art to my life.  

-John Roxas, Self-Employed.