My Process

My Process

My life began with a hearing impairment where I couldn't hear a thing up until grade 3. But that did not stop my dad from playing me his vintage bass guitar for hours on end. We sang and played music and learnt life. The piano became my first love. I started studying conservatory piano at age 10.

My Inspiration

Music has deeply impacted my process of creating artwork. I love to separate my canvas mathematically. I calculate to have an even rhythmic divided space. I see it as a beat but also as many steps in life; a present moment.

My Style

My artwork is very textural. I perceive layers of paint, like layers of a tapestry. Depths in different, bold colours play on top of each other, just as the vibrations beat together harmoniously.

Playing music is integral to my painting process. Intertwining within the harmonies are the intricate symbols that come alive through sounds, visions, vibrations, and paint.

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