My Story and Why I paint the way I do.

When I was born, I couldn't hear. I had 4 operations and what it gave me was being sensitive to energy, and feelings....  Piano was my first love, and I studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music.  I hear music through vibrations, not words or specific notes.  I learned how to read piano and I often paint in the concept of always having two different melodies going together like piano. My father was a musician, I can still remember all that time we spent together, the vibration of music had a big impact on me. He died at the age of 43 when I was 15. Going through life in a house of four sisters, it was not easy. My mother worked 2 full time jobs and I know very well the world of surviving. In high school, although I had lots of responsibility at home, I was very involved in the different school programs. The community noticed my talent and my career started at age 16 with three commissions, which helped my family enormously.   


The impressionist era was my favorite.  It was about the pureness of colors, texture and emotions.  At 18 I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal and got to see a Van Gogh art show. The show had such an impact on me. Seeing the first painting got all my emotions to the surface, so much so I was crying like a baby. At that moment, I really got the impact of feeling, colors, and the movement of vibrations and texture, playing such an importance in life.


I remember going to a music art festival in Miami. Sitting on the beach, and having sunshine and pastels. It was at that moment, I decided to make a ruler or myself to not use black or any colors that were not pure. To really get the light and pureness of colors.  

I often divide my artwork before I start, there are a couple of reasons for that. I use a chalk line often to divide always brings me back to my father.  It was around me when I was young, since it was a tool he had as a masonary.   

The lines, also are for me, the bars, of music notes, each bar has a particular beat. It's a vibrations sentence in my art.  

I think, I felt that life had brought us such disorder, and that I was always trying to organise said disorder. In my head, like in life, it was a fight within myself. I love life and always wanted to stand for people to achieve their greater goals.  

I remember noticing how it was so easy to paint a feeling for the victimized. I noticed and I made a conscious decision that I wanted to paint from the light, pureness of love and empowerment.

Now, I realize now as I get older, as I work on myself that it was saving me to what I wanted to be. We have a choice to be a victim or a victor and for me without having the language or tools I know I didn’t want to be a victim. For I knew it wasn’t putting the best emotions out there.  


I love to laugh, tease, and play. I was called a pest when I was younger. Life is short, and we can play in it at all times no matter what’s going on. Giving so much meaning to silly little things in life has no purpose. To play with symbols and get my inner child out is what I do. So I love to play with different symbols of life .  After all, life should be fun!