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My Vision

I have always pictured myself as someone striving to find peace within and inspire people to express their true selves with more authenticity and self-confidence. Through my work, I stand for people to achieve their greater goals.

For me, it's easy to paint a feeling for a victim. I noticed once, and I decided that I wanted to paint the pureness of love from the light.

We have a choice to be a victim or a victor, and for me, without having the language or tools, I knew I didn't want to be a victim. Whatever we do,

'Be artfully inspired.'

Public Art

La Vision, 2011

PublicArtWork Carole Beauvais

239, boulevard Marie-Victorin, Boucherville, Québec, Canada | Boucherville Rowing Club | View from Saint-Lawrence River

This work represents the very essence of rowing. The competition lanes are represented there to mark the passage from one stage to another until the goal of the rower is reached. It is sometimes punctuated like the rhythm of the rowing strokes of the rowers and other times gentle to mark the fluidity with which the boat is propelled.

Like the energy needed to propel the boat, the artist chooses bright colours that make the work visible from the river. Inspired by nature and the trees, the colour scheme recalls both the repetitive movement of the rowers and the concentration required for the practice of this very demanding sport.

At the center of the artwork, a wave emerges, representing the water movement that is created when the rower touches the water with his paddle.

Made up of 150 ceramic tiles measuring 37.2 cm by 22.86 cm and 88 ceramic tiles measuring

15.24 cm by 30.5 cm, the work has a total dimension of 7 m by 2.3 m.

Jean Martel et Conseil, Boucherville, Public artwork.
Boucherville Rowing Club, Quebec, Canada-Public Artwork-Fleuve St-Laurent