Commissions & FAQ

1.  How do I initiate a request for a commissioned artwork?  

 The first step is to confirm that I am currently accepting commissions. Due to popular demand, sometimes I am unable to accept additional commissions. Please contact me to check the status of commission acceptances.


2.  What is the process for ordering a commission? 

a) You give an idea of what kind of painting style you are looking for, based upon my previous works (send me photos of the ones you like).

b) You decide on the size, so that I can provide you with a quote.

c) An invoice is provided to you for the cost of the artwork and shipping.  A non-refundable deposit of 50% is then required to begin the painting process. 


3.  What is the process for creating a commissioned work?  

a) If I don’t have the size you have requested in stock, I will order the size that you have selected, which can take up to 2 weeks, since they are custom stretched.

b) Once the canvas arrive, I begin to work on the painting!

c) I will send you photos of the paintings once I get towards the end of the work.

d) You provide me with feedback (ie : would like to see more of something, less of something else).

e) If required, I will make necessary changes and send you photos once again.

f) Once you are happy with the result, you send the remaining balance due on your invoice.

g) We pack and ship the painting to you!


4.  How long does a commissioned painting take to complete? 

This depends on my schedule at the time of the order, how large the commissioned piece is, and how many iterations the commissioned artwork requires.  While it is on a case-by-case basis, you should normally expect anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks to complete.


5.  What if I don’t like the final product? 

While I work very hard to be in the listening of my clients and to create what they have in mind, it is art, not science, so it can happen that a commissioned artwork does not match up to the collector’s vision. When this happens, 25% of the total invoice (50% of the initial deposit) can be used to purchase any other painting available on