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I'm passionate about creating with intention. Knitting paint with colours is what I do. I love radiating possibility with other creative souls, to be in a conversation and vibration of creating their fully self-expressed selves.

   When I was born, I couldn't hear. I had 4 operations and what it gave me was being sensitive to energy and feelings....
Piano was my first love, and I studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music. I hear music through vibrations, not words or specific notes.  I learned how to read piano and I often paint in the concept of always having two different melodies going together.
My father was a musician, I can still remember all that time we spent together, the vibration of music had a big impact on me. He died at the age of 43 when I was 15. Going through life in a house of four sisters, it was not easy. My mother worked 2 full time jobs and I know very well the world of surviving.  
In high school, although I had lots of responsibility at home, I was very involved in the different school programs. The community noticed my talent and my career started at age 16 with three commissions, which helped my family enormously.
The impressionist era was my favourite. It was about the pureness of colours, texture and emotions. At 18 I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal and got to see a Van Gogh Special Feature Exhibition. The show had such an impact on me. Seeing the first painting got all my emotions to the surface, so much so I was crying like a baby. At that moment, I really got the impact of feeling, colours, and the movement of vibrations and texture. It played such an importance in my life.
I think, I felt that life had brought us such disorder, and that I was always trying to organise said disorder. In my head, like in life, it was a fight within myself. I love life and always want to stand for people to achieve their greater goals.
I remember noticing how it was so easy to paint a feeling for the victimized. I noticed and I made a conscious decision that I wanted to paint from the light; the pureness of love.
We have a choice to be a victim or a victor, and for me, without having the language or tools, I knew I didn’t want to be a victim.
 As I do with life, I conquer every artwork with a systematic approach- in spite of all the distortions of sound, light, and colour, they all play a symphony in the end. What really matters is the vibrations and emotions within.  When people see my artwork, I want to move them to be empowered,
and I stand for it.

Carole Beauvais (born August 24,1971, Val d’Or, Québec, Canada) has created art since childhood, but her art career truly started when a large agriculture company saw her artwork in a school calendar that was sold and they commissioned her to do an art work at the age of 16. She completed a two-year program in Fine Arts at Langara College in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

In 1997, three of her art pieces got accepted with the Gallery of the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts as an Up and Coming Artist. Her work can be found in private collections in the United States, Canada, London, Paris and Mexico. Beauvais’ work is in public collections in Canada and the United States. She obtained many awards and represented Quebec artists in exhibits in France. “La Vision” was one of her public art pieces presented at the Rowing Club in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada in 2011.

"La Vision" ceramic pubic artwork in Boucherville, Québec, Canada.

While living in Los Angeles, Carole Beauvais was chosen to be one of the artists represented in Canada 150 in Miami, Florida, a very honored exhibit of top Canadian artists sponsored by Air Canada, Royal Bank and the Canadian Consulate. 

Beauvais has been interviewed in magazines, newspapers, and has been published in Re-Imagine Contemporary Art, The New Faces of Art, and International Contemporary Masters-Seven by Despina by World Wide Art Books, Inc.  Press  CV | Awards

Her work is vibrant and full of life, inspiring viewers with bold visual poetry.