Roar & Soar | Acrylic Painting | 48" x 48" - Carole Beauvais

Roar & Soar

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Roar & Soar
48" x 48"x 1.5"  Acrylic, mixed media on canvas painting.
Authenticated and Signed by Carole Beauvais.

Carole Beauvais is an entrepreneur.  This painting was intended as a reminder for the entrepreneur to be like a Lion and the Eagle. 

The “king” of the jungle stays laser focus, takes care of himself  & works with a pack of Lions.

The eagle doesn’t just fly, it soars. The eagle soars with a purpose for a target that it is seeking. The bald eagle’s head is pointed forward and it scans the environment in search of its target.

Imagine a painting to help you to be in your vision and remain focused on the journey of your success. 

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